March 31, 2010

Do Your 'HOLLOW" Chocolate Bunnies Fill You Up?

What on God's green earth did the Easter Bunny ever do for you that was so special? What is it about Easter Eggs and hollow chocolate bunnies this time of year? For some strange reason we try to get our children to believe that Easter eggs come out of a rabbit's hind end. However, I am reminded in my Tuesday night bible study that we cannot hide the truth from our children. Most kids know that rabbits do not lay eggs.

On this particular Tuesday, a poll was taken to see if the Easter Bunny visited your house when you were a child. For the most part, he visited almost everyone's house- mind included. One year he even knocked on my bedroom window to see if I was asleep yet!!! Scared the bejesus out of me, but still made my fantasy even more believable. The things you remember as a child... I digressed; The leader's mission this night was to crush the idea of the Easter Bunny. Not out of spite or hate, but out of sheer awe that we have allowed a fake rabbit to get more attention than our risen Savior on this most holy day of the year. Really. Think about it. How much time and effort was put into the Easter Bunny at your house? I know at mine it was a lot. We would make a special trip to see him at West Town Mall, get our picture taken with him, talk about him all the night before he showed up, wake up early to see what was left in the baskets, go to Easter service at church, come home and have some more candy out of the basket before Easter dinner, play with the goodies that were left, have an egg hunt and wall-ahh another Easter had passed. Nothing against some magical make-believe fun, but is that really what our focus should be during this time of year?

This week I am preparing and praying that I will experience Easter in a different sense this year- like I've never experienced it before. It is my prayer that the ones close to me will have an experience of their own as well. My God has already proven to me that as long as I trust Him when my world has been turned upside down; and it has plenty of time, He will shower me with blessings upon blessings. So enjoy your hollow chocolate bunnies, peeps, and Easter egg hunts, but just remember what we are really celebrating. There is a Heavenly Father that loved you enough to send His son to die on the cross for your sin and rose again to give you eternal life. Now that is something special, my friend! Happy Easter everyone!

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